Let Them Eat Cake!
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By: Michelina Docimo

I love cake – cheesecake, carrot cake, strawberry short cake, chocolate flourless cake, Italian rum cake, lemon poppyseed cake, ice-cream cake, and even cupcake cake.  I remember events by the cake served.  I eat my leftover birthday cake for breakfast.  Last year, I had two of the most beautiful birthday cakes ever.  TWO!  One was rummy and nutty and sassy, with a chocolate ganache coat and tiny silver confetti balls sprinkled on top, with Auguri written in red.  The other was romantic – a morning cloud of white and pink cream with layers of frutti di bosca berries and sponge cake.  I still think about them.  And I think about all the photos we take around cakes – the memories, celebrating life’s sweetest moments.  This year a friend asked “what kind of cake did you have for your birthday?” and I started to divulge every detail from the top to the bottom, not only the colors, ingredients, textures, and tastes, but even how the puddings and syrups dribbled into the cake pores and squooshed in my mouth, which is what I loved the most.  One friend calls it food porn; I call it love.  So when I came across The Design Observer’s interview with Massimo Vignelli and read what he said about love, I stopped breathing for a minute:

Painting of Massimo Vignelli by Jessica Helfand after a photograph by Beatriz Cifuentes

Love is a cake that comes in layers. The top layer is the most appealing one. This is the one you see first. Then you cut into it and you see many different layers. They’re all beautiful, but some are sweeter than others. (Massimo Vignelli’s answer to What is love?)

I feel like a better person having just read this interview.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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  1. Robyn Eads says:

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    October 18, 2010

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    Hearkening back to traditional recipes that shine ever more brightly thanks to Eads’ innovative twists, Peace Tree confections are both wholesome and sinful at once. Her recipes are seasonally inspired, her ingredients are strictly organic, and her practices are sustainably focused.

    The organic flour Eads uses in her Peace Tree desserts is milled just an hour from Ridgefield. All fruits are purchased from local farms – Millstone in Wilton, Holbrook in Bethel, and Warrups in Redding to name a few. Honey is sourced from Weston apiary Red Bee. Processed cane sugar is replaced with palm sugar from the nectar of sustainably grown coconut palm trees. With half the glycemic index of the former, and never bleached or refined, the palm sugar retains all of its vitamins and minerals. Even the bakery packaging is made from sustainably harvested trees.

    A quick perusal of Peace Tree’s sample menu finds such fall delights as “The Great Pumpkin,” a pumpkin cupcake with maple sugar buttercream and maple-candied pumpkin, and Chocolate Salted Caramel cupcake made with dark chocolate, salted caramel buttercream and cocoa nibs. There are pies, like maple pecan in a rosemary butter crust, and cakes, like gingerbread stout with caramelized pears and rum caramel buttercream.

    While there’s no storefront as yet, Eads covers the dessert spectrum with Peace Tree, which she runs out of a kitchen in Bethel. She can create exquisite wedding and special occasion cakes to suit individual preferences or work with her clients to come up with a host of sweet options to put the jewel in the crown of an intimate dinner for four or a gathering of 200. Peace Tree delivers anywhere in Fairfield County. Sweet!

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  2. mdocimo says:

    Hi Robyn,
    Congratulations on your appearance on Martha Stewart and recent successes!
    Thanks for sharing.

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