Reflections of Rest & Wrestling
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By Michelina Docimo

Big Ben at midnight. London.

2010 is coming to a close and with the remaining days of the year I feel wedged between the arms of a stuck clock – in a state of rest and the other diametrically in motion.  As many travelers struggle to make their way back home or escape to their get-a-way after the blizzard, I am overcome with a sense of leisure under the blanket of snow.  On the other hand there is a sense of anxiousness and excitement to welcome the unknown.  I reflect on the year, what I have done, what I missed, and where will I go.  This morning I made a list of 10 goals for the new year.  It was unlike any other list of resolutions I ever made.  It contained symbols, initials, numbers and images.  The first five were easy, the other half I jotted down in random and at the same time purposeful order.  First ten, then six and seven, nine was good but then eight I thought about for a few minutes.  Why was I hesitating?  Then I wrote – somewhere new.  So this is where I will go – somewhere new.

I love New Years Eve – it’s my favorite holiday (after the 4th of July).  I love it because it gives everyone a chance to start fresh.  It’s a day that we can give birth to ourselves.  I think differently in the new year. Openly.  Even in the face of difficulty.  It gives me the courage to be bold, to not just think but act.  The past few years have been a struggle for many and when I stepped back to look at it all, it became beautiful to me.  Many times we shun the struggle and seek what will keep us comfortable.  We struggle with others and oftentimes with ourselves.  We’re critical and judgmental before even being.  This made me think of the biblical story of Jacob wrestling with the Angel all night through dawn.  I didn’t understand why Jacob was fighting with God and how could it be that a man could overcome an Omnipotent force. What was the lesson?  Was Jacob trying to prove that he had courage and strength and was worthy of  leading his people and that struggle would lead to victory?  2011 will be fearlessness in the face of adversity.

Jacob Wrestling with the Angel. Alexander Louis Leloir. 1865.

The Art of Wrestling

The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing, in that we stand watchful and rooted to meet whatever comes from unexpected directions.  ~Marcus Aurelius

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