What color is love?
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By Michelina Docimo

It’s the morning after Valentine’s Day and this is a loaded question.  For some it may be rosier, for others back to drab gray.   This may be a good time to consider what is the meaning of true love?  So many definitions of love, literal and metaphorical, yet it remains mystifying like passion fruit pink and at the same time unpretentious like vanilla bean cream.    Since emotions are colors, if you could give love a color, what would it be and why?


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  1. mdocimo says:

    Hi Nils, Thanks for sharing your color and story about you new baby boy’s skin. I’m thinking my color for love is copper! After hearing my nephew sing a song about how love is like a penny, I couldn’t help but think of a shiny new penny and how with age you can see streaks of so many other colors in the light.

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