Seeing & Thinking
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By Michelina Docimo is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

Johnathan Swift

Today, I received a piece of advice that was simple, direct, and clear – “Focus.” He asked me, “where is your head?”  On top of my neck, I replied facetiously.  ”And what is inside of it?” he inquired further.  A big mass of gray matter.  ”Thoughts!” he blurted back via chat.  I sat still for a moment, not knowing what to type back because I thought I was thinking, just not necessarily in agreement with his own thoughts.  Isn’t it amazing how much we can learn from each other when we see the world differently?  Even Leonardo da Vinci believed this.  In his notebooks, he advised artists to examine their work in a mirror so that it can be seen in reverse, which would give them a more objective view by imagining how their painting looks to someone else.  Da Vinci suggested to leave the work for a while so that upon returning with fresh eyes,  it would be easier to spot any breaks in harmony.  After a minute of silence, he wrote “Bye.”  Ciao.

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