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Victims of 9/11 from Dale Roe's 9/11 remembrance project. Image Source:

All men are born with a nose and ten fingers, but no one was born with a knowledge of God.  ~Voltaire

It’s Labor Day and I’m relaxing on southern beaches and  lounging at the pool.  This morning in the corner of the patio I noticed a woman in dark sunglasses, long black Adidas pants, a long black t-shirt, and a paisley printed head scarf.  At that moment I felt sympathy for her as everyone else paraded in bikinis in the mid morning sun.  As the day progressed, she began to approach the pools.  Then at once submerged herself in water and began swimming completely in abandon.  After hours of swimming, she joined me in a hot pool.  I tried not to stare to make her feel uncomfortable.  But it was just the opposite – she exuded confidence and elegance, she looked like a black swan, a siren of sorts – so alluring.  I became less aware of her fully covered body and more of all the exposed skin around me and how similar we are in wanting to enjoy ourselves, the water, and life.


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