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The Healing Hearts Project by CT and NY artist, June Ahrens

A lot of good love can happen in ten years.  ~Jim Carrey

Similar to Ghetti’s Tears tribute, Ahrens also memorializes the number of victims.  Three thousand hearts – inside are messages, prayers of peace and hope – silent and unknown.  I remember walking into Ahrens’ studio at a Loft Artists Open House back in 2002 inviting visitors to create.  Her Healing Heart Project is a collaborative work by children, adults, and organizations throughout the States and some international participants.  I remember sewing up my heart feverishly – this need to close and then giving it up completely, unsure of what would become of it.  Now – it is part of two circles of hearts connected together by safety pins that have been on display throughout CT and NYC parks and many public locations.  By allowing others to be part of the process, Ahrens feels The Healing Heart project “allows participants a voice to express their feelings, honor lost lives, and those who gave so much of themselves.”

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