11, What is art?
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Let me ask you something, what is not art?  Author Unknown

I love this question and I love the fact that it is anonymous.  Anyone could have asked it – Confucius, Shakespeare, Dali, Oprah, Mike The Situation, a five-year old child, me, you – anyone.  On a day like 9/11, choking down tears with my coffee, everything seems a question.  Why did this happen?  What have we learned?  How will we move on?  Who are we and What is my life worth?  How will we remember?  What will I give?  Today is a day of asking and you don’t have to know all the answers, simply ask.

Here is a commentary by Todd May on The Meaningfulness of Lives from The New York Times:

Who among us has not asked whether his or her life is a meaningful one?  Who has not wondered — on a sleepless night, during a long stretch of dull or taxing work, or when a troubled child seems a greater burden than one can bear — whether in the end it all adds up to anything? On this day, too, when many are steeped in painful reminders of personal loss, it is natural to wonder about the answers. Read the full article here:


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