Myartobiography is about me, you, and sometimes us; it’s about life in general, our lives in particular, and living everyday.  The writings can be about anything, but mostly, they are about art – the art of aesthetics, the art of science, the art of love, the art of war, the art of of losing, the art of winning, the art of cooking, the art of believing, the art of speaking, the art of gardens, the art of buildings, the art of delicious, the art of capricious, the art of giving, the art of being, the art of existing.  Anything can be done well and that is an art.

This blog is a collection of my published works, as well as those rejected, in addition to those that spontaneously emerge.  Often, when I write, there are stories within the story, details that need to be snipped out, like film reels on the cutting room floor.  This blog will contain some of those cuts.  Words, like water, cannot be wasted.  I am an enviromentalist and many of my writings will be on sustainability and how to live lightly on the earth.  It may expand upon an idea or it may be a simple passing thought that will hopefully make you think about whatever it is that I am thinking about.  This blog is about connections.  It is about how I meet people and how friendships fuse, how paths merge, and how they separate.  It is about the art of surprise.