High fashion capital Milan is building (forest) castles in the sky and the best part is that these vertical forests will be real.  Read about architect Stefano Boeri’s cutting edge 27 story natural building system here:

Asphalt: A Novel, by Carl Hancock Rux

It is my ambition to say in ten sentences, what others say in one book.  ~Friedrich Nietzsche Carl Hancock Rux’s literary work, Asphalt: A Novel, tells the tale of a city.   An apocalyptic event – the collapse of the Brooklyn Bridge – creates chaos.  In minimal language, Rux asks: what will we bury? how [...]


Grief makes one hour ten. ~William Shakespeare These photographs from Berenice Abbott’s Changing New York were taken in the 1930s.  The project emphasized the city’s staggering scale and her desire for more moderate, human-scaled urban design.  Some of Berenice Abbott’s photos will be on exhibit at the Heckscher Museum of Art, along with other artists’ [...]

Image of Jo Yarrington's The Moneychangers

What Remains when All Insignificant Things Must Disappear? By: Michelina Docimo Outside Trinity Church, perched on the empty flagstone courtyard facing Wall Street, lightly rests Steve Tobin’s bronze sculpture, Roots.  Recovered from the suffocating rubble of collapsed concrete and shattered glass from the 9/11 attacks, this massive root structure from a seventy-year old sycamore tree [...]

Peaceful Paley Park

After an espresso with Marcus, I head to Paley Park, perhaps my most favorite place in NYC.  I love Paley Park because it’s like a well-known secret, people know it’s there but sometimes forget or maybe it’s that when you’re there, the rest of the world is out.   A small belgian block square nestled [...]

Photo from

By Michelina Docimo All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography. ~ Federico Fellini I woke up feeling fresh, as if a fog had lifted.  Mixing clothes and changing shoes on repeat, I felt like a DJ, and settled on an appropriate beat of toile pants, cream top, and leather ballet flats.  I [...]

Nolan Calisch - Farmer

By Michelina Docimo I’m still on my way to Manhattan, reading through a page of The Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency, when I look up as the train stops at a Westchester station.  Usually, I just examine the commuters getting on and off, what they are wearing, and wonder where they are going.  This [...]

Alex Maclean, Las Vegas, Housing subdivision built out in the desert, from his solo exhibition, ‘Vegas-Venice’

‘V’ for Vanishing Point: Aiming a camera lens at environmental decline in Italy & Nevada At first glance, the only similarity between Vegas and Venice is that they both begin with the letter V.  Look closer though, and you’ll see another parity—they’re both vanishing.  Pilot, trained architect, and fine art aerial photographer, Alex Maclean, sees [...]

"Mornings of Gold," Amber Maida, 36x48

By: Michelina Docimo Back in February, at the opening of Industrial Strength in Bridgeport, I was introduced to Amber Maida’s art.  A multi-artist show in one room, I started my walk at the entrance, from right to left, like Arabic text.  But when I turned around, along the back wall, a magnetic pull brought me [...]

Balloons, Large mural commission.

I met Ty Kelly five years ago at a street art fair and just like his other patrons, I was hooked. His art pops, but in poetic steps, transporting me from my dreams and reality and back again. I’m a strong believer in deciphering dreams, analyzing symbols, and uniting the links between conscious and unconscious states. Sometimes, we find answers in dreams that are hidden when we are awake. Sometimes, we are able to see more clearly with our eyes closed.