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Rachel Whiteread, Water Tower, 1998, Museum of Modern Art.

By: Michelina Docimo A few years ago, purple was the new black, then came turquoise, yellow was in for spring, now hot white for summer, dare I say, orange is next.  Where does that leave green?  Everywhere.  Fashion can be fickle, but green is here to stay, if not in your armoire, in everything else [...]

Bridgeport Resco, by Jeff Becker

It’s difficult not to notice the puffs of white smoke pouring out of a smokestack skyline while driving through Bridgeport on I-95. Passing through, abandoned factories blur into the background, edges fading on the coast’s cargo docks. Confused images of production and malfunction begin to mix. Set in the outskirts in an area of Bridgeport [...]

Stratford Avenue Bridge, by Mark DeRosa (photo contributed by artist)

By: Michelina Docimo Stark smokestack silhouettes, faded noxious scents, shuttered doors and shattered windows contribute to the je ne sais quoi of the factory form in the landscape that has fascinated Eileen Walsh, owner and director of The Gallery at Black Rock, for years.  Industrial Strength, Walsh’s current show, explores her secret attraction to abandoned [...]

Exterior of Wilton Historical Home, Wilton, CT.  Architect: Faesy-Smith.  Photo: Pam Ronleau.

A Meeting of Sustainable Minds at The Art of Sustainable Architecture By: Michelina Docimo In the film, A Beautiful Mind, the character of Nobel Prize winning mathematician and economist John Forbes Nash Jr. says, “In competitive behavior, someone always loses.” So true on all fronts of survival of the fittest whether the conversation matter is [...]

above: Exterior Facade & Courtyard of the General Theological Seminary, NYC Architect: Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners. Photo Credit: Fed Charles

Sustainability Complex: Sophistication & Simplicity in Contemporary Architecture By: Michelina Docimo Contemporary art is the art of our times. Although time can seem linear, exacting and in some ways predictable, life today can nevertheless feel chaotic and filled with contradictory agendas. Health issues, economic woes, war and global warming seem to headline the news constantly. [...]

Grain Storage Huts in Nigeria, Photo by Patricia Thrane

Building on Common Ground: Partners for Architecture Joins a Village to Raise a School By: Michelina Docimo “It takes a village to raise a child,” is the oft quoted ancient African proverb when discussing education and building community. Partners for Architecture, an architecture firm in Stamford, CT, that bases its mission on this core value, flew [...]

Detail, Yale University Art Gallery, 1953, Architect, Louis I. Kahn. Photo by Andreas Kornfeld

The Brutalist on the Block Meets a Utopian State of Mind By: Michelina Docimo Driving through New York’s scenic Hudson valley on her daily commute to Westport, Connecticut’s Arts Center, Terri Smith, Director of Visual Arts, always finds inspiration in the sinuous rivers and harmonic hills along her route. But, she often noted inharmonious forms [...]