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By Michelina Docimo All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography. ~ Federico Fellini I woke up feeling fresh, as if a fog had lifted.  Mixing clothes and changing shoes on repeat, I felt like a DJ, and settled on an appropriate beat of toile pants, cream top, and leather ballet flats.  I [...]

Nolan Calisch - Farmer

By Michelina Docimo I’m still on my way to Manhattan, reading through a page of The Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency, when I look up as the train stops at a Westchester station.  Usually, I just examine the commuters getting on and off, what they are wearing, and wonder where they are going.  This [...]

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Painting of Massimo Vignelli by Jessica Helfand after a photograph by Beatriz Cifuentes

By: Michelina Docimo I love cake – cheesecake, carrot cake, strawberry short cake, chocolate flourless cake, Italian rum cake, lemon poppyseed cake, ice-cream cake, and even cupcake cake.  I remember events by the cake served.  I eat my leftover birthday cake for breakfast.  Last year, I had two of the most beautiful birthday cakes ever. [...]

cherry tomato in soil

By: Michelina Docimo Last night, I spent hours thinking dirty, sinking my hands into luscious loamy soil, squeezing silt and sand in between my toes, mmm the intoxicating smell of  the wet earth.   The Greenwich Audubon hosted an event that realized this fantasy and appreciation for soil by bringing together some of Connecticut’s finest [...]