Balloons, Large mural commission.

I met Ty Kelly five years ago at a street art fair and just like his other patrons, I was hooked. His art pops, but in poetic steps, transporting me from my dreams and reality and back again. I’m a strong believer in deciphering dreams, analyzing symbols, and uniting the links between conscious and unconscious states. Sometimes, we find answers in dreams that are hidden when we are awake. Sometimes, we are able to see more clearly with our eyes closed.

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By: Michelina Docimo Mention “The Spill” in any conversation and buried feelings of anger, shock, and despair erupt from the center of one’s being – gushing.  At least that’s what I thought because that’s what I felt.  It’s painful to see the devastation to the birds, fish, shores, and people – the people who relied [...]

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Clifton Monteith with a handcrafted lantern.

By: Michelina Docimo Michigan native and artist, Clifton Monteith, feels at home in Japan, understanding the subtle complexity and silent social consciousness that links custom and culture there. This affection is rooted in his earliest memories of a much-admired Japanese silk embroidery and a Chinese rosewood cradle in his grandparents’ home and in the exercise [...]

Detail, Yale University Art Gallery, 1953, Architect, Louis I. Kahn. Photo by Andreas Kornfeld

The Brutalist on the Block Meets a Utopian State of Mind By: Michelina Docimo Driving through New York’s scenic Hudson valley on her daily commute to Westport, Connecticut’s Arts Center, Terri Smith, Director of Visual Arts, always finds inspiration in the sinuous rivers and harmonic hills along her route. But, she often noted inharmonious forms [...]

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A Reflection on the Kathy Hirshon Exhibit, ‘Spirited Trees’ At The Bartlett Arboretum, Stamford, Connecticut October, 2009- January 1, 2010 Unlike the other seasons, autumn takes its time in arriving. Almost overnight, spring seems to pop into bloom after the yellow crocus peeks out from under the frost. Summer rushes in, never allowing enough time to [...]