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Baltic Blossom, 0-30 degrees East, Circumnavigating Series No. 4,  Oil on canvas, 78x78, 2009

Walking on Water: Search & Self-Discovery in Bendel Hydes’ Circumnavigating the Globe By: Michelina Docimo Tenri Cultural Institute’s Gallery, Chelsea, NYC Sailing, an art that requires masterful skill and trust in wind and water, is a deceptively effortless movement in which a vessel is pushed, pulled, thrust, and propelled forward and onward. As in life, [...]

Alex Maclean, Las Vegas, Housing subdivision built out in the desert, from his solo exhibition, ‘Vegas-Venice’

‘V’ for Vanishing Point: Aiming a camera lens at environmental decline in Italy & Nevada At first glance, the only similarity between Vegas and Venice is that they both begin with the letter V.  Look closer though, and you’ll see another parity—they’re both vanishing.  Pilot, trained architect, and fine art aerial photographer, Alex Maclean, sees [...]

Balloons, Large mural commission.

I met Ty Kelly five years ago at a street art fair and just like his other patrons, I was hooked. His art pops, but in poetic steps, transporting me from my dreams and reality and back again. I’m a strong believer in deciphering dreams, analyzing symbols, and uniting the links between conscious and unconscious states. Sometimes, we find answers in dreams that are hidden when we are awake. Sometimes, we are able to see more clearly with our eyes closed.